Mission & Goals                 The Treblemakers at the 2019 Emma Crawfod Coffin Races!

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Manitou Music Foundation Mission & Goals, September 2019


* Founded in 2018, we are a non-profit, musician guided, community based foundation supporting live music and community music programs in the Manitou Springs area (Colorado Springs West Side, Manitou Springs, Green Mt. Falls, Woodland Park).

* Our mission is to promote local musicians, music venues and community music by coordinating, communicating and developing the rich music culture that the Manitou Springs area has long enjoyed.


A. Be a live music catalyst for the Manitou Springs area (Colorado Springs West Side, Manitou Springs, Green Mt. Falls, Woodland Park).

1) Identify and support "Manitou Musicians" (those established in Manitou Springs area at any point in time).

2) Encourage, support and provide live music events to entertain the community and enhance the economy.

3) Establish cooperative & supportive relationships with venues, government & music supporters.


B. Music Education - Facilitate and coordinate learning, performance & understanding.

1) Provide and support educational music programs for youth and adults.

2) Identify and provide resources and programs to enhance music education.


C. Provide a community music resource center in Manitou Springs.

1) Provide a space for music lessons, practice & fellowship.

2) Provide unique and intimate performances.

3) Provide a retail space for instruments and accessories.

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