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October 26th - November 4th



Musicians, Check This Out!
In Celebration of Arts Month, the Manitou Art Center
Artist COVID-19 Grant Program, with support from the
Pikes Peak United Way, and El Paso County, opens for
applications on Friday, October 23rd.
A project of the CARES Act - Individual Assistance Grants
through the Pikes Peak United Way and El Paso County,
this grant fund was created to help creative individuals
who have been severely impacted by COVID19.
The grant will provide 25 one-time payments of $500 to qualifying individuals who complete this application and provide all necessary documentation. Submission of an application does not guarantee funding, which will be made based upon a priority of individual needs. We will process your application as soon as possible. Due to the number of applicants, we are hoping to respond within seven days. Applications are available at www.manitouartcenter.org. They may be submitted beginning on Friday, October 23 through November 30, or while funds are still available.
SAVE THE DATE! November 1st - 4 pm
If the end of the Halloween season has you down,
Tejon Street Corner Thieves has you covered.
Sponsored in part by the Manitou Music Foundation,
TSCT returns to Stargazers Theater for a special matinee show!
Doors are at 3:30 pm.
Tickets must be bought in pods of four for $60.
If you would like more information or would like to buy tickets,
please visit http://www.stargazers.com


Tuesday Oct 27    

Dylan Teifer, Virtual Distillery 291, 7 pm


Wednesday Oct 28 


Grant Sabin, Virtual Distillery 291, 7 pm

Musician’s Open Mic, Kinfolks, 7 pm (solos and duets only)


Thursday Oct 29 

Snake and the Rabbit, Virtual Distillery 291, 7 pm

The Sweet Lillies, Armadillo Ranch, 8 pm


Friday Oct 30


Leo & the Lark, Living Local on Fox 21, 9 am

Brian Grace Band, Crystola Roadhouse, 5 pm

Larry Lafferty & Vehicle, Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort, 5:30 pm

Tripp’s Caboose, Woodland Country Lodge, 6 pm

Big Sky, Armadillo Ranch, 8 pm

Saturday Oct 31


Big Sky, Armadillo Ranch, 8 pm

Ranger Station, The Wild Cherry, 8 pm

Grand Design, Kinfolks, 8 pm

Grant Sabin, Lulu’s Downstairs, 8 pm

Barefoot Family Caravan, Blo Back Gallery (Pueblo), 9 pm


Sunday Nov 1 

Michael Reese, Armadillo Ranch, 2 pm

Tejon Street Corner Thieves, Stargazers Theater, 4 pm

Roma Ransom, Virtual Distillery 291, 5 pm

Songbird Sunday Open Mic w/ Leo & the Lark, Armadillo Ranch, 6 pm


Monday Nov 2   


Ryan Flores, Virtual Distillery 291, 7 pm


Tuesday Nov 3

Dylan Teifer, Virtual Distillery 291, 7 pm


Wednesday Nov 4 

Grant Sabin, Virtual Distillery 291, 7 pm

Musician's Open Mic, Kinfolks, 7 pm (solos and duets only) 


Founded in 2018, we are a non-profit, musician guided, community based foundation, supporting live music and community music programs in Manitou Springs and the surrounding area.

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