Local Music Listing


June 1 - 9

M...M...Mark Your Calendars!

MMF Deck Fest

Saturday, June 5 |2:30 - 8:30  pm|

Trails End Taproom - Wood Belly

Lulu's Upstairs - Banshee Tree 

Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort -

Rob, Skye, Derek, Dylan, and David (RSD3)


Manitou Music Foundation is thrilled to present a new

and exciting festival this year: Deck Fest! The long-awaited

lineup is HERE and we have three different venues

throughout the day for you to get your groove on!

VIP Section/Treatment available!

Get your tickets now before they're gone!


Wood Belly, Trails End Taproom, 2:30 pm

Banshee Tree, Lulu's Upstairs, 4:45 pm

RSD3, Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort, 7:00 pm


Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite.com!  🎟

MMF Presents: RSD3

Friday, June 11 | Doors: 6:30 pm |

Show: 7:30 pm |

Stargazers Theatre


Rob Fulton and Skye Lewis of Woodshed Red,

Dylan Teifer of Steely Dead and Blue Frog,

Derek Gray of J. Miller Band and Countywide,

and David Jeffrey of Grass It Up come together

for a night of blues, bluegrass, jam, and anything

else they feel like playing!

This local all-star lineup is sure to bring you a

night to remember, so don’t miss it!


Tickets: On sale HERE! 🎟

MMF Presents: Red Mountain Boys

Friday, June 18 | Doors: 6:00 pm | Show: 7:00 pm |

Stargazers Theatre


The Red Mountain Boys are a hot new

bluegrass supergroup lighting up the

Pikes Peak region.


A longtime staple of the scene,

Alan Begley (Willie Bean Bluegrass)

fronts the Boys with his Martin flat-top

guitar. Lewis Mock

(Kansas State Hall-of-Fame musician,

Radford & Lewis Band) brings the fire

with his five-string banjo. Jon Murphy

(Grandpa’s Cough Medicine,

The Grass is Dead) keeps the Boys rock

solid with his metronome-like bass playing.

Jeff Daugherty (2014 John Hartford Songwriting

Award winner) plays his mandolin like a man possessed.


Take their instrumental prowess, add in four-part vocal harmonies and world-class songwriting and LOOK OUT – it’s a recipe for powerful, hard-driving bluegrass music.


Tickets are on sale HERE! 🎟

MMF Presents: Leo & the Lark

Friday, June 25 |

Doors: 6:00 pm | Show: 7:00 pm |

Stargazers Theatre


Hot off the press with their new full-length album,

Inveiglement, Leo & the Lark is ready to wow the crowd

with a never-before-seen show. This special second-

release of their album will feature guest musicians

who have recorded with them in recent years. 


Featuring the vocal, ukulele, and guitar talents of

Kiera Lynn, coupled with Michael Edmiston’s impeccable

rhythmic finesse, Leo & the Lark is an acoustic duet with

a sound that ranges anywhere from a haunting ghost

lullaby to a funk jam that you can get down to

(and everything in between).


Their fluid chemistry is something not only to be heard,

but also seen. Catch them currently around Colorado

on the Front Range for a dynamic experience

that should not be missed.


Tickets are on sale HERE! 🎟

MMF Spirits Fest

Saturday, July 17 

Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort


Manitou Music Foundation presents a brand new spin on the MMF Holiday Spirits Fest: Spirits in July! Spirits Fest will feature upwards of a dozen local distillers providing samples of their finest spirits in commemorative Manitou Music Foundation shot glasses. A lineup of to-be-announced local musicians will grace the stage for this all-day event at the Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort. Stay tuned for more information!


Tuesday June 1


Wednesday June 2


Over-Prepared Open Mic, Jives Coffee, 5:30 pm

Tejon Street Corner Thieves, Hillside Garden Main Stage, 6 pm

Jon Wise & TRIBE, Hillside Gardens Bone Yard, 6 pm

Musician's Open Mic, Kinfolks, 7:30 pm


Thursday June 3

Grant Sabin, The Barrel Room at Bristol Brewing Company, 6 pm

Roma Ransom, The Drive-In Tasty Freeze, 6:30 pm

Dylan Teifer, Armadillo Ranch, 8 pm

Comedy Open Mic, Lulu’s Downstairs, 8 pm

A Carpenter’s Daughter, Kinfolks, 8:30 pm


Friday June 4


Mama T & Tomcat, D’Vine Wine, 5:30 pm

Leo & the Lark, Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort, 6 pm

Manitou Strings, The Edge, 6 pm

Mr. Big Bear Electric Quartet (Dave ABear), FH Beerworks, 6 pm

Quite Frankly, Armadillo Ranch, 7:30 pm

Mallory Ferraro, Kinfolks, 8 pm

Saturday June 5

MMF Deck Fest, Trails End Taproom/Buffalo Lodge/Lulu’s Upstairs, 2:30 - 9 pm

A Carpenter’s Daughter, The Shady Lounge, 1 pm

Wood Belly, Trails End Taproom, 2:30 pm

U-Turn Brass, Fossil Craft Brewing, 3 pm

Manitou Strings, Trails End Taproom (Monument), 4 pm

Banshee Tree, Lulu’s Upstairs, 4:45 pm

Desi Knight, Kinfolks, 6 pm

RSD3, Buffalo Lodge Bicycle Resort, 7 pm

Big Sky, Kinfolks, 8 pm

Eternal Temples (ETs), Armadillo Ranch, 9 pm


Sunday June 6

Sunday Brunch w/ Tim & Dylan, Mother Muff’s, 11 am

Joe Johnson & Jason Gilmore, The Blue Moose, 1 pm

TBA, Armadillo Ranch, 2 pm

Blue Frog w/ , Front Range BBQ, 5 pm


Monday June 7 


Open Mic, CK Comics & Collectibles, 8 pm


Tuesday June 8



Wednesday June 9

Over-Prepared Open Mic, Jives Coffee, 5:30 pm

CountyWyde, Front Range BBQ, 6:30 pm

Musician's Open Mic, Kinfolks, 7:30 pm

Inveiglement Album Cover 2021.JPG