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MMF is going LIVE!

Live music. That's what we are all about here folks. Here at the MMF we wanna know who’s playing it, where they are playing it and how they are playing it! Well, maybe not how...but we definitely wanna know something! That's why we are proud to bring you the newest addition to our website. The Live Listings page!

Thanks to the tireless efforts of our crew we are able to bring you the latest and greatest of all types of events happening in and around our great city. From local shows to singing your heart out at karaoke. Each week we will do our best to let you know where the party is going down.

So if you are a musician that has an upcoming show or a venue looking to promote an upcoming event. Let us know! We want to help get the word out. Just make sure to send us a picture, the time and place of the event as well as a short description and we will be happy to help spread the word.

Alright enough of me talking. Lets party!


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